1. So, I’ve been rereading the amazingly well-written and well characterized ACT6 ACT5 ACT1 x2 COMBO section of Homestuck, and I realized something that I should have realized a long time ago. Compare the above with the final panel of each alpha kids’ God Tier outfit reveal:


    The obvious intended leader of the group, whose shoe-clad feet will choose the direction for the group to go.


    The legs, pulling the literal (ham)strings of the feet below them. Feet and shoes are often more regarded as an archetypal symbol of movement and direction, but without the legs doing the behind the scenes heavy lifting, the feet cannot move.


    The well-beloved boy skylark of the group, but who is unfortunately treated by most of his peers as a sex object, as someone whose sole function is to be romantically pursued, despite, like all our crotches, having multiple functions and roles beyond just sex.

    And finally, Roxy:

    The only kid whose face is shown during the reveal, the dark horse leader of the group, who through her tireless listening, willingness to talk through others’ problems, and ability to see what others can’t about themselves, binds the group together.

    Goddammit is Hussie good at this stuff.

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